Imperial Counters Warranty

Imperial Counters provides a warranty for one year from the date of installation against problems proven to be the result of manufacturing defects or installation problems, if the countertops were installed by Imperial Counters. We will repair or replace countertops at our own discretion. In the event of replacement, we will not cover the cost of plumbing, tile, wallpaper, cabinets, etc. Solid Surface countertop materials are covered under a separate, extended warranty from their manufacturer.

This warranty does not cover:

  1. Any scratches, cuts, burns, or damage that are caused by accidental misuse. Consistent use of trivets and cutting boards is recommended.
  2. Re-caulking of the backsplashes at the point of installation: We have caulked between the backsplash and wall. Due to seasonal temperature changes in this climate, walls are continually expanding and contracting and the caulking will likely need to be redone, especially in new construction.
  3. Seams that have separated due to exposure to water or heat.

Caution: The seam is the weakest part of your countertops.

  • Do not use this area as a main work station
  • Avoid allowing water to stand on or near seams
  • Appliances such as coffeemakers, electric fry pans, crock pots, or others with heat and/or moisture should never be left on or near the seam

If you notice a slight raising of the seam, or the seam in your countertops appears dark, it is often an early warning sign of damage from heat or moisture. Laminate tops should be resealed as soon as possible with the proper color caulk such as DAP, Kwik Seal Tub, or Tile Adhesive Caulk.

Solid surface tops will need to be professionally repaired if seams break apart.