Consider Laminate Countertops For Your Kitchen Remodel

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An endless array of choices exist for countertops in your kitchen. You have your high-end options such as granite and marble types, and wood. If you are seeking smooth surface top that will not break the bank, why not look into laminates? A proud seller of laminates of all sorts, Imperial Counters offer up budget-friendly laminate countertops to Twin Cities home owners.

Laminate Benefits Aplenty:

  • Carefree care—Laminates offer a smooth surface so spills and crumbs have neither nooks nor crannies to wedge themselves into. As with any spill that could potentially stain a surface should be addressed immediately. Typical laminate countertops are easy to clean with a household cleaning product or hot water using a rag or sponge. Cleaning is easy, maintaining offers no worries. You needn’t go to crazy in caring for these counters, just be careful with your usage of abrasive cleaners and exposing them to high temperatures. Another bonus is that they do not require being sealed!
  • Wallet ease—A no-brainer when it comes to cost, laminates are substantially cheaper than their stone and other solid surface countertops. Generally starting in the teens per square foot in price (quartz, marble, or granite often running in the $50 to $100 per square foot range), laminates will not break the bank. Another thing to consider with laminate countertops with regard to your money, should you a few years down the road decide you want to get new countertops again, the cost of a laminate will be easier to part with if you had previously purchased a natural stone countertop that you have grown tired of. Also, if you choose to sell your home after having bought laminate countertops over a more expensive equivalent, the lower cost will make your counters easier to part with. If you go the natural stone route in your countertops, the resale value may be boosted into the price of your home—if would-be buyers intend to update the kitchen, this may not be the case and could contribute to a more difficult sell.
  • Stylish— Laminate countertops look great! Maybe you want them to match your mahogany cabinets? Perhaps you want them to offset the bright orange paint covering the walls of your kitchen? Or, quite possibly you want to go with something of a rustic feel, a wooden type of pattern? They come in so many colors, patterns and styles that you will be sure to find the one that fits your kitchen décor.

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