Countertops: Back To School

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When you think about the end of the summer, you probably think of going clothes shopping, getting school supplies for your kids, meeting new teachers and saying goodbye to the carefree days of summer. Maybe new countertops in Hastings don’t come to mind. But if you do think about it, having new countertops installed after the kids are back in school has a few advantages.

For one thing, your house is probably a lot quieter and there are less people around when your kids are back in school. So if you need a day where there is not a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home, wait until your kids are back in class. Then you can have our installation technicians come to your home to install your new countertops. That way, your kids don’t have to stay out of the kitchen all day while we are at work. And by the time you and your kids return home from a busy day at school and at work, you could have a brand-new kitchen to come home to!

This is also a busy time of year for countertop contractors in the Twin Cities. We here at Imperial Counters find this is a hectic time for a lot of countertop contractors simply because a lot of schools in the area want new countertops installed before the school year is back in session. So where should countertop contractors go for high quality counters that they can get quickly and easily? Imperial Counters, of course! We do solid surface, laminate, granite, cultured marble, natural stone and plenty more. And our Hastings warehouse is now 35,000 square feet!

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