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Quartz Kitchen Countertop Twin Cities
1/8″ Round Top & Bottom
1/8 Inch Round Top & Bottom Stone Edge

1/4″ Round Top & Bottom
1/4 Inch Round Top & Bottom Stone Edge

3/8″ Bevel
3/8 Inch Bevel Stone Edge

Ogee Stone Edge

Half Bullnose
Half Bullnose Stone Edge

Bullnose Stone Edge

The kitchen and bath industry has recently seen an increased interest in granite and engineered quartz products for countertops.

Granite may significantly vary in pattern and color from smaller samples. We recommend customers select their slabs of stone from a local holding company so they are aware of the unique characteristics of their stone prior to its fabrication.

Quartz products, like Silestone and Formica Stone are made from approximately 93% natural quartz. The remaining 7% consists of pigments and polyester resins. These engineered products are more consistent and should closely match the color samples available.

While very similar in many ways, some important things to remember are:

  • Seams will be visible.
  • Stone and Quartz products cannot be scribed to fit the wall as tightly as laminate or solid surface tops.
  • Granite must be sealed annually with an approved stone sealer.
  • These countertops are HEAT RESISTANT but NOT heat proof.
  • Use hot pads, trivets, cutting boards, etc. directly under hot pans, heat-producing appliances, cookie sheets, etc. to distribute the heat and protect the countertop. Extreme heat can crack the top!
  • Cracks cannot be repaired.
  • Scratches can be repaired on a Granite top but not on a Quartz top.
  • Quartz tops have a warranty. Granite does not.

We carry:

  • Hanstone
  • Silestone
  • Caesarstone
  • Viatera By LG Hausys
  • Radianz By Samsung

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