How to Keep Your Formica Laminate Looking Good

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Formica laminate is an affordable option for Cottage Grove homeowners that are looking for a budget-friendly way to remodel their kitchen. This type of laminate countertop is one of the best on the market today, and it is hugely popular among homeowners looking for a cost-effective way to get new countertops that will look good for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to keep your Formica laminate looking as good as the day it was installed.

Be Gentle

Your Formica laminate will last for a long time if you refrain from chopping, cutting, slicing, hammering or pounding on it. If you cut vegetables, fruit or other food on the surface of your Formica laminate, use a cutting board. Try to avoid sitting or standing on the countertops too. Also, you don’t want to slide ceramics or other abrasive objects across the surface of the counters. This might cause the surface to scratch or it might cause premature wear.

Use Hot Pads

When you want to place a hot pan or dish on your Formica laminate, be sure to use a hot pad or trivet. If the countertops are exposed to a hot material for a long period of time, it could cause the laminate to separate from its core material. This will help keep the surface from scorching and will help your laminate countertops enjoy a longer life.

Wipe Up Spills

If something spills on your Formica laminate, take the time to wipe it up as soon as possible after it happens. This is especially important if the spill happens near the seam of the countertop. If water or another liquid gets in there, it can eventually cause the countertops to split. Just wipe up the spill using a non-abrasive cloth. You can also use a mild soap for tougher-to-clean spills.

Use the Right Cleaner

A mild soap or detergent is your best bet for cleaning up spills. Just be sure you don’t use a cleaner that contains sodium hypochlorite, acid or alkali. Cleaners to avoid include tub and tile cleaners, chlorine bleach, lime scale removers, oven cleaners and metal cleaners. Some type of all-purpose cleaner is usually a good choice. Be sure to use a dry or damp soft cloth too.

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