Silestone and Karran Sinks

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When it’s time to select the perfect sink for your new kitchen, there are a variety of options on the market for you to choose from. But when it comes to sinks in the Twin Cities, we know a thing or two, and there are two brands of sinks in particular we recommend to our customers: Silestone Sinks and Karran Sinks.

Silestone Sinks

Silestone is a leading producer of sinks made out of engineered quartz. One of their most popular sinks is the Integrity Sink. And the reason we love this sink so much is simple: it can be molded into your new quartz countertops so there is no seam! This sink is both practical and elegant. It is only one piece and it is made entirely out of Silestone, which means you never have to worry about needing to seal it, plus it’s resistant to heat, stains and scratches. This type of sink is a great way to add beauty to your kitchen without sacrificing durability.

Karran Sinks

Karran Sinks are another great way to style without sacrificing functionality to your new kitchen. This is the only type of sink on the market today that can be undermounted in laminate. These sinks are made out of stainless steel, acrylic or quartz, and they are the perfect complement to any home. They are an affordable option, which makes them incredibly budget-friendly. And with such a wide selection of sinks to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one to match your new kitchen!

We even offer a special on sinks. When you buy 40 square feet or more of laminate counters, you get a free stainless steel drop-in kitchen sink. Or when you buy 40 square feet or more of quartz or granite counters, you can get a free undermount stainless steel sink.

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