Spring Cleaning for Your Granite Countertops

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With summer being just around the corner, you’ve likely been tackling a variety of spring cleaning tasks around the house. But is there one task you’ve neglected? Are you aware of the best ways to care for your granite countertops? There are a few things you can do now to round out your spring cleaning as well as some things you can keep in mind year-round. As the trusted experts in granite countertops for Bloomington and the surrounding areas, we would like to offer up some spring cleaning and general cleaning tips to help keep your granite countertops looking their best all year long.Granite Countertops Bloomington

While you may quickly wipe down your granite countertops after cooking, when was the last time you gave them a good overall cleaning? Now is a great time to get in there and make sure to wipe up any old stuck on food or spills. While granite countertops are stain resistant, you should still make it a habit to wipe up spills as soon as possible after they happen. Liquids like water probably won’t stain, but dark liquids like red wine and coffee might end up staining your counters if you let them sit on the surface for too long.

Avoid generic household cleaners like ammonia, bleach or anything that is acidic. These types of cleaners can dull the finish of your granite countertops and cause other problems and blemishes. All you need is a dry white cloth, water and mild dish soap if necessary. Make sure you dry off the countertop surface after wiping them down with water. You don’t need to buy any special granite countertop cleaner if you don’t want to.

Are your granite countertops damaged or appearing dull? Now may be the time to consider resealing your countertops. While most granite countertops never have to be resealed, there are instances where this is necessary.
To avoid damage year-round make sure you use coasters for glasses and mugs and use trivets or hot pads for hot dishes and sauce pans. This is a precautionary measure to ensure your granite countertops keep their beautiful sheen for years to come.

Don’t allow anyone to sit or stand on your granite countertops, and don’t allow anyone to paint, glue or do crafts on them. Even with protection on top of them, paint and glue can harm your counters and destroy the finish.
And, these are just some of the things you can do now and in the future to help maintain the beauty of your granite countertops. With the proper care and maintenance, your granite counters could last a lifetime!
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