The Many Advantages of Quartz Countertops

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When choosing your new countertops, one of the materials you might consider is quartz. It’s an engineered stone that seems to be growing in popularity. And there are plenty of reasons so many people are choosing it! We install quartz countertops in Apple Valley and throughout the surrounding areas, and we can think of several different advantages you’ll enjoy with quartz.


Quartz countertops come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so it won’t really matter what color your cabinets are or any of the other features in your new kitchen or bathroom. You can easily find a slab of quartz that will complement the rest of the room. Quartz countertops come in every shade from white to beige to gray to black, and you can also find them in colors like blue and pink.


Quartz countertops don’t require a lot of maintenance. You don’t need to buy any special cleaners, and you don’t need any special types of sponges or cloths to clean them. All you need are warm water and a soft white cloth. Make sure you wipe the countertops down on a daily basis, and clean up spills as soon as possible after they happen. Keep people from sitting on them, and don’t allow anyone to paint or glue on them.

Bacteria resistance

Quartz is an amazing material because it is also bacteria resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Again, you will not need to buy any special type of cleaning product, and you will not even have to worry about disinfecting them. Keeping them clean is easy, and this is especially good for those who lead busy lives and/or have large families or a lot of activities going on.


With minimal care on your part, your new quartz countertops will last you several decades, if not a lifetime! You and your family will enjoy your new counters for many years to come, and they are a great investment. You don’t need to worry about having them resealed, and you just need to be sure to keep them clean with water and a soft cloth. That’s it!

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