This is a Formica Countertop, Green is its Color

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Your Formica countertops are a big part of your kitchen ensemme. They work well within the framework of your combination of cabinetry, tabling and floorscape. In the course of any countertops lifespan it will no doubt have taken more than its share of beatings. Formica countertops being of the laminate variety, extra care need be taken to ensure it stand the test of time. We will now embark our journey on just how you should go about keeping the counters in the best shape possible so that they will be to handle and withstand the rigors and tests of time.

Formica laminate is an affordable option for Apple Valley residents that are looking for a budget-friendly way to enhance the look of their kitchen. It is amongst the very best options on the market today and is immensely popular among homeowners seeking out cost-efficient means of getting new countertops that will be a pleasure for the sense for the decades ahead. Enjoy the following tips on how to keep your Formica countertops looking every bit as fine as they were installed.

If you can implement right and proper usage of a cutting board—and not using your Formica countertops for that purpose—that will go a long way. No chopping, no slicing, or hammering on it. Avoid sitting or standing on them as well. Be wary of sliding ceramics or other likely abrasive types of objects across the surface of your Formica countertops. Surface scratching and early breakdown may occur as such.

Break Out the Hot Pads
Trivets and hot pads are friends to your Formica countertop, they not handle direct snd scorching heat very well. Any hot material left on the surface for too much time will cause the laminate portion of your Formica countertops to to separate from its core material. Using these simple instructions will prevent surface scorching and help your laminate countertops live longer, more fulfilling lifetimes.

Sop Up Those Spills
Wipe up any mess as soon as is mathematically possible, just after it occurs. Be mindful of this especially in the case of near the seams—should liquids breach the seams, they may just split. A non-abrasive cloth with the help of a gentle soap will eliminate stains and will quickly solve those seaming issues.

The Right and Proper Cleaner
A mild soap or detergent is the optimal option for cleaning up your spills. Do not use a cleaner that contains sodium hypochlorite, acid or alkali. Specific types of cleaning agents to avoid in any clean-up or maintenance process would include chlorine bleach, lime scale removers, metal cleaners, oven cleaners and tub/tile cleaners. Most all-purpose type cleaners are often a good choice. Once spills or stains are removed, bring in a dry cloth to wipe away any residual moisture.

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