Why a Kitchen Renovation is a Great Summer Project

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Have you been considering a kitchen renovation or remodel? Strike while the weather is hot! Summer is the perfect time of year for your project. Although interior design, home renovations, and remodeling projects take place all year round, now is a great time to hit the kitchen! At Imperial Counters, we specialize in countertops for Stillwater MN and are excited to get started on your renovation project this summer and here are a few reasons why:

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As you know, picking out your countertops, cabinetry and other elements of your remodel is key during any renovation. Summer is full of bright light to help ensure you are making the right choice. You can open the blinds and draw in curtains to fill your kitchen with natural light. The days are also longer in the summer which allows more daylight for work to take place. And, if you plan on repainting or refinishing your cabinetry or any other project that requires open windows or painting outdoors, summer is obviously the season of choice. While a renovation is taking place, ventilation of dust and odors is key. During the summer, you can be worry-free and open windows and doors for ventilation without the cold and moisture of the other seasons affecting the project. Do you have to open the windows? Not necessarily, but it can make things easier on the installation or remodeling teams.

And don’t forget; kids will be out of school and are free from most extra-curricular activities, which can open up your schedule. Now you can meet with contractors and designers without having to juggle a full schedule.

Remodeling an entire kitchen can also be a little tough on the mealtime routine for a period of time. Being without a sink and appliances can be challenging, and eating out costs money. The good news is, summertime is grilling time! Summer offers a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors and offers a wider array of options in the event you’ll be without your kitchen for a few days. The countertop installation itself won’t take long at all but you won’t have to give up a single family when you can cook and grill outside.

These are just some of the reasons summer is such a great time to tackle you’re eagerly awaited kitchen remodeling project! So, stop into Imperial Counters and start on the selection process of the most important element of the room; the countertops.

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