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Wilsonart Formica Woodbury
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Woodbury Wilsonart and Formica

When you want budget-friendly countertops without sacrificing style and quality, look no further than Wilsonart or Formica. Woodbury homes that are undergoing renovations can greatly benefit from these types of counters.

There are several reasons both Wilsonart and Formica would be great choices for your new countertops.


Wilsonart manufactures laminate and solid surface counters, and these counters come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Laminate is a great material for counters thanks to the fact that it is easy to care for and maintain. You can get the beauty of granite without the price tag. Plus, you don’t need to worry about resealing Wilsonart laminate counters like you do with granite.

And the look of this laminate doesn’t just mimic granite either. You can get the look of soapstone, mosaic, marble and more! The end results are beautiful countertops that are not only easy to clean and maintain, but they also look great and match your home’s décor and your own personal style. They are a great choice for busy families and people who are on the go.


Formica is another great brand of cost-effective laminate and solid surface countertops that will add elegance and class to your home. They also come in a huge array of colors and patterns that resemble granite, wood and plenty more.

Solid surface counters are incredibly durable and easy to clean, just like laminate. One of the best parts of solid surface counters is the fact that they are seamless, which just adds to its elegance and makes them even more long-lasting.

Formica is easy to clean and maintain as well. Just like Wilsonart counters, Formica is a great option for busy families and people. Keeping them clean is easy, and the best part is Formica is stain resistant!

For both Wilsonart and Formica counters, you don’t have to worry if these counters get chipped or cracked either. Fixing them is as easy as buffing them out.

So for a budget-friendly, durable and elegant countertop, Wilsonart and Formica are both excellent choices. Why not give us a call to learn more about these popular countertop brands and how they can enhance your home’s décor?

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