Your Foundation is Solid, So Should Be Your Countertops

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The time has come to remodel your kitchen, your bathroom, or both. An overhaul on your home can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly. If price is a concern but you do not wish to sacrifice any of the aesthetic joy in your efforts, think solid surface countertops for your Hastings area home. Solid surface countertops are a worthy choice if you are seeking a type that can be easily refinished to be made to look brand new within a matter of just a few hours—should they wear down or not look their best after time passes.

Eye up some of the other positives things solid surface countertops offer:


Solid surface countertops can easily be altered to fit your needs and wants. They can be seamlessly integrated in combination with bathroom or kitchen sinks. You can choose practically any edging style or even add a matching backsplash. Anything you can imagine can be done cheaply and quickly with solid surface countertops.


There are so many colors to choose from when it comes to solid surface countertops. These are available in a huge variety of colors and designs, so finding the ideal countertops to match your kitchen or bathroom décor will not be challenging.


Because they are so easily maintained and scratch resistant, not to mention easy to clean and care for, these countertops will last you and your family for a long time. They are a wise long-term investment and not expensive to replace should it come time to implement a different color scheme in your bathroom or kitchen. Should your solid surface countertops get scratched, these blemishes can be buffed out pretty easily—making them a solid choice for families with small children. Non-porous, bacteria growth will not be a concern. They do not require any special cleaning products; just make the effort to wipe them down daily with water and a soft cloth, to keep your solid surface countertops looking their absolute best. Should dirt or grime accumulate, try an ammonia-based cleaner, rinsing them dry after application and wiping. If your home runs hard water, look out for spot formation on your solid surface countertops. Wipe up water and other spills immediately to avoid them.

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